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New America - Awakenings

After a polarizing election, America breaks into a civil war, followed by a failed foreign invasion. Winning is not the end! New America divides into projects based on race and religion. Citizens who protest or break the laws are labeled an "enemy of peace." An enemy of peace quickly loses their head to the guillotine. 

Colt Jenkins resides in the New Bethlehem Project, where New American youth must navigate between Country, God, Survival, Love, Family, and Friends. Surviving daily attacks from Broken Mecca is not the only challenge. Katherine Shay, New Bethlehems keeper of the law, terrorizes citizens using the red phone, turning them into the government as enemies of peace. In a world with intermittent electricity, the President makes decrees from the television. The government controls the news and all information. 

The rising tension in the country and the Project puts Colt in Katherine’s and the government's crosshairs. After being publicly humiliated by Katherine, Colt discovers the government is not what it appears. Colt will have to decide what kind of man he will be and what he will choose to leave behind in his race to save his family and his love.

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